Show Tech+ Universal Pump 2 Pcs

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  • Precision pump
  • Compatible with all 3.8L-5L bottles
  • Save product and time when diluting
  • Durable, affordable pump

Show Tech+ Universal Pump 2 Pcs

Precision pump

As a dog groomer, you want to work fast and clean. To easily transfer shampoos and conditioners without spilling to a mixing bottle, it is really convenient to work with a pump system such as the Show Tech+ Universal Pump. This universal shampoo pump fits all gallon (3.8 L) and 5 L shampoo and conditioner containers in our range except for K9 bottles.

Because it is so economical, you will save not only time but also money. It features a ball bearing that guarantees a good pumping force. Thanks to one press of the pump, you will have an exact dose of liquid (approx. 20 ml). No more spills when pouring products into another bottle!

Do you want to transport your bottles? You can do that easily too! The universal pump has a handy lock to prevent spills. Push the nozzle down firmly and once the nozzle is positioned against the rest of the pump, you can turn it clockwise to activate the lock. Just make sure the nozzle is clean before you transport the bottle.


It’s all in the details

  • Material: rubber, PP and LDPE plastic and stainless steel
  • Colour: black
  • Dimensions:
    Total height pump 1 (400): 49.5 cm
    Total length tube: 36.2 cm
    Length transparent part of the tube: 22.5 cm (but can be cut to fit the size you desire)
    Diameter pump: 3.5 cm
    Total height pump 2 (410): 49.5 cm
    Total length tube: 36.2 cm
    Length transparent part of the tube: 22.5 cm (but can be cut to fit the size you desire)
    Diameter pump: 3.5 cm
    Diameter of the 6 rings: 4 cm
  • Pump capacity: approx. 20 ml*
  • Fits all European and American 3.8 - 5 L (1 or more gallons) shampoo and conditioner containers, such as Show Tech, Show Tech+, Hydra, Double K, Artero, Crown Royale, TropiClean, Coat Handler and Doodle (and many other brands), except for K9 bottles.

* All measurements are approximate.


Assembly instructions

  1. Carefully turn the head (a) upwards in a counterclockwise direction with your one hand while holding the rest of the pump down with the other. This is necessary because the pump will spring loose when being unscrewed.
  2. Detach the upper part of the pump (c) from the base (d) by loosening the screw (b).
  3. If necessary, remove the ring attached, choose the right ring for your container (f) and slide it down over the base of the pump (d) until it is in place.
  4. Reattach the upper part of the pump (c) to the base of the pump (d). Tighten the screw (b) clockwise.
  5. Attach the transparent tube (e) at the bottom side of the pump. If it is too long, you can also cut it to the right length first.

You can attach the pump to your shampoo or conditioner container by turning the ring (f) clockwise. Do this until the pump is completely screwed onto the container. The pump is now ready for use!

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