Show Tech+ Skinsational Pet Scrub 200ml

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  • Sugar scrub for hairless breeds
  • Helps exfoliate, moisturise and protect hair and skin
  • Useful to clean between skin folds
  • 200ml bottle

Show Tech+ Skinsational Pet Scrub 200ml

Sugar scrub for hairless breeds


Just like your skin, your hairless pet’s skin needs exfoliation too. Exfoliating can improve the appearance of your pet’s skin in several ways. It removes dead skin cells. What’s more, exfoliation leaves the skin looking brighter and improves the effectiveness of skin care products by enhancing absorption. Regular exfoliation also helps to prevent clogged pores, resulting in healthier skin. Furthermore, long-term exfoliating can increase collagen production, key to a glowing, vibrant skin. The Show Tech+ Skinsational Pet Scrub is not only a wonderful exfoliator, but also a natural moisturiser.




This unique, sensational scrub ensures your pet’s skin is beautifully soft and hydrated. The list of positive characteristics of the main active ingredient, persea gratissima or avocado oil, is incredibly long! It is highly beneficial for both skin and hair, helping it to stay smooth, strong and elastic. Consisting of fatty acids, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents, avocado oil increases collagen metabolism, sooths and heals an itchy, flakey or chapped skin, replenishes dry skin and hydrates and moistures. It is also well-known for helping to heal wounds, shielding the skin from UV rays and protecting it from damage.


And that’s not all! Because this fantastic ingredient contains beta-carotene, proteins, lecithin, monounsaturated fats and vitamins A, D and E, we also recommend the Skinsational scrub for short-haired breeds with skin folds. It helps treat dandruff and protects the hair and skin.

Thanks to the special sugar-based formula, the granules dissolve faster than salt scrubs. Is your cat or dog’s skin tired and dull-looking? Using this sugar scrub really transforms it and makes the skin look healthy, smooth and absolutely flawless!


It’s all in the details

  • Sugar scrub for hairless dog and cat breeds
  • Also highly recommended for cleansing between the skin folds of breeds such as the English bulldog and shar-pei
  • Helps exfoliate, moisturise and protect hair and skin
  • Unique on the market
  • Main ingredients: sugar and avocado oil extract
  • Content: 200 ml


Use instructions: Wet the skin thoroughly before use to help distribute the product and prevent any damage to the skin. Make sure to only use lukewarm water, because hot water can dry out the skin. Apply the scrub gently and make circular movements to massage the scrub onto the skin until it is dissolved. Don’t worry when the scrub turns white and then brown, this is sebum and dead skin and is completely normal. Rinse well and wash your pooch or cat with the shampoo you normally use. If your pet has an oily skin, you can exfoliate a couple of times a week. However, if your pet has a rather sensitive or very thin skin, limit using the body scrub to once a week.

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