Groom-X Jumbo Salon Table

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  • Sturdy table for the biggest of dogs
  • Table measures 135cm x 65cm
  • Holds up to a whopping 150kg!
  • Adjustable height from 54cm to 107.5cm

Groom-X Jumbo Salon Table

If you want to groom a big dog, you need a large, sturdy table. The innovative Groom-X Jumbo Salon Table is no doubt what you are looking for. There is no equal on the market!

Strong and unique

This unique, practical table is designed by dog groomers for dog groomers. Designed in-house with an eye for functionality and detail, it has all the features you need for grooming large dogs. The Jumbo table is the first of its kind, incredibly strong and stable due to the oversize construction. It easily accommodates even the largest breeds while remaining safe and stable.


Working safely with big dogs requires the right equipment. Although they may seem tough, big dogs will easily become frightened on a slippery or wobbly table and may panic or try to jump off… Dangerous for both dog and groomer! This table features a stainless-steel tabletop that has a thick, anti-fatigue mat (13 mm thick) with memory foam for comfort, allowing your dog to stand comfortably and confidently. The upper part of the mat, which is anti-slip, consists of a layer of rubber that is thick enough so that dogs do not scratch it to pieces. Thanks to the stainless-steel lip around the table, the mat stays nicely in place, yet can be removed in a jiffy for easy cleaning.

The tabletop is square at one end, but round at the other, making it easier for the groomer by improving accessibility to work all around the dog.

This new generation of table has not one, but two oversize, heavy-duty control posts which, unlike other tables, are designed and built with large breeds in mind. The control post at the round end of the table rotates through 180° while the other post is fixed! When you attach your dog to the rotating control post, you can easily move the post 90° to the left and the right. This way, the post is next to the table instead of in front of you. You can work much easier because the post doesn’t get in the way or in between you and the dog. Both control posts have an adjustable ring for a grooming noose.

A comfortable and long lever allows you to secure and to adjust the control posts in height (up to 115 cm). Bye bye to fiddling with small buttons or knobs. With this strong lever, you can adjust the table control post height with ease!

Using this practical table can save you precious time and effort. The 4 sturdy wheels allow you to easily and quickly move the table for cleaning. This feature also allows you to wheel large dogs to and from the bath to save lifting and make it an easier and more relaxed experience for both dog and groomer! The wheels are easily deployed or folded away by simply pressing on the foot bar (brake).

You don’t need to run around the table anymore to adjust its height. To save time and make life easier there are two footswitches, one on each side of the table!

The Jumbo Table is clearly designed for large dogs, but is equally suitable for smaller breeds as the height can be adjusted from 54 cm right up to 107.5 cm.


It’s all in the details

  • This table features 3 available, universal power sockets for clippers or other electrical items and 2 USB sockets. Electrical devices up to 2500 Watt (clippers, phones, nail grinders, dryers) can be connected to the power sockets.
  • Tabletop measurements: L 134.5 cm and W 65 cm
  • Lowest level: 54 cm
    Highest level: 107.5 cm
  • Speed from lowest to highest position: approx. 53 sec
  • Dimensions control posts: 130 x 63 cm
    Length of the arm of the control post: 60 cm
    Thickness: 3 cm
  • Maximum lifting capacity: 150 kg
  • Table weight: 90 kg
  • Voltage: 110-240V
    Frequency: 50Hz

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Unboxing and Assembly:

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