Combo Coat Pet Pack - Professional

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  • Perfect for combination coats!
  • Contains all the essentials for grooming a combo-coated breed
  • Deep cleaning 
  • Each Pack is designed with you and your pet in mind

Combo Coat Pet Pack - Professional

Argan Oil Shampoo

This repairing shampoo will strengthen hair and create a shine in the coat. Contains vitamin E to keep the coat healthy

GP Argan Oil Conditioner

Great for a variety of coats, this conditioner restores and strengthens hair leaving them soft, shiny, and healthy

Pet Therapy Towel

This super absorbent towel will make bath times easier, significantly reducing the time it takes to dry freshly washed pets

Curved Firm Slicker Brush

This slicker brush removes knots and tangles in the coat whilst also adding volume to your pet’s topcoat

Christies Rubber Scrubber

This useful tool is great when bathing double coats, allowing you to massage shampoo and conditioners deep into the undercoat

Knot a Problem Spray

This handy spray is for getting rid of matts and tangles, just spray on the coat and brush away your problems

GP Chrome Fine/Coarse Comb 19cm

Commonly used by groomers, this fine coarse comb is great for combing a variety of breeds to remove dirt, debris, or loose hair from the topcoat

Nail clipper (large & small version)

These sturdy clippers will make clipping your pet’s nails fast and easy and are available in both small and large sizes

GP Ear Wipes

These time saving wipes provide a quick, thorough clean and already contain Groom Professional Ear Wash so you don’t have to worry about spills and waste

Small White Pet Bath

Perfect for puppies or smaller pets, this bath will allow you to create a designated grooming area whilst making bathing simpler and easier

Groom Pet 010 Blaster

This compact blaster is perfect for quickly drying pets and achieving a professional standard finish on any coat

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